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  • Why should I have my garbage can cleaned?
    Garbage cans are a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Dirty garbage cans release an unpleasant odor and can become an attractant for insects and rodents. Cleaning your can regularly will help reduce the risks associated with all of these health concerns.
  • How often should I clean my garbage can?
    We recommend cleaning your garbage can on a monthly basis. Monthly cleanings will help reduce the buildup of harmful germs and odor causing bacteria. However, it is ultimately up to you and the needs of your family.
  • Do I need to be home?
    We will come to your neighborhood either the day after your garbage is picked up, or the day of to clean your can. We will contact you in advance to inform you of the day that we will be doing the cleaning. There is no need for you to be at home. Just leave your empty garbage can next to the curb ready to be cleaned and deodorized.
  • What type of garbage cans do you clean?
    We clean the standard square tip cart garbage cans provided by the local garbage can companies. Call us if you’re interested in having dumpsters or any other type of garbage can cleaned.
  • How does the cleaning process work?
    The can will be cleaned on your curbside in our self-contained garbage can cleaning trailer. A nontoxic, biodegradable degreaser will be used to loosen the grime and soil pre-wash. The can will be pressure cleaned inside and out and runoff will be captured in our catch tank. Post-wash we apply an environmentally friendly sanitizer, disinfectant, and deodorant to the inside of your can. This will help to reduce bacteria growth and assist in odor control.
  • When are your services available?
    Our services are available for 7 months of the year (April through the end of October).
  • What are your service options?
    We have 3 different service options to choose from. Monthly (7 cleanings), Spring/Summer/Fall (3 cleanings), and a One-time cleaning. Monthly options start as low as $9.99 for one garbage can. Click on the “Sign-Up” tab for more information.
  • How do I get signed up?
    Click on the “Sign Up” tab at the top of the home page. We will need to gather your contact information, your garbage collection day, and number of cans needing serviced. Pick a plan that works best for you; Monthly, Spring-Summer-Fall, or a One-time cleaning. Now leave the rest to us and enjoy a clean garbage can without the messy clean up.
  • Do I need to renew every year?
    No, for your convenience we will automatically renew your account every year with the same service option as the previous year. If you wish to cancel or change your service, please notify at least 30 days before your next scheduled cleaning. Otherwise, your service will be renewed for another year. If you are on a monthly payment plan, your service will continue until you cancel with a notice at least 30 days before your next scheduled cleaning.
  • Are you environmentally friendly?
    Yes, we only use non-toxic, biodegradeable cleaning agents. The cleaning process uses very clean water and all runoff is collected and disposed of properly. The average person cleaning with a garden hose will use significantly more water and the runoff often enters the storm drain system.
  • Will the cleaning remove all grime from my can?
    We will make every effort to clean your can to the highest of standards. Sometimes it will take a few cleaning cycles to remove grime that has built up over time. Stains from items such as tar, paint, and oil will not be removed by our cleaning process.
  • What if there is garbage in my can?
    We ask that you have your can completely empty on your scheduled cleaning day. If you forget, we will empty your can before we clean it, and then place your garbage back inside when the cleaning is complete.
  • Do you have a referral program?
    We sure do! In fact, we actually reward our customers for giving us referrals. You will receive $5.00 for every person that signs up because of you! Call us at 208-403-0818 for more information.
  • Can I pay for someone else to have the service?
    Absolutely! We have found that our service makes a great gift idea for parents and grandparents, elderly neighbors, or young couples with children in diapers. When you sign up, simply indicate where you would like the service to be completed. We also offer gift cards!

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