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How the Cleaner Cans program works?

After signing up for one of our cleaning packages, your garbage can cleaning will be scheduled on the next cleaning cycle for your neighborhood. Your cleaning day will most likely be on the same day that your garbage is collected.  You will be contacted in advance to remind you to leave your trash can on the curb until it has been cleaned and deodorized. When we arrive, we will pressure wash, sanitize, scrub, and deodorize your can until it becomes a CLEANER CAN! 

NOTE: Because we service different routes in different areas each day, there is a possibility that your cleaning will be scheduled up to three weeks out. However, feel free to call us at 208-403-0818 if you feel that your can needs attention before that. We will do our best to get your garbage can cleaning scheduled as soon as possible.

Ready for Cleaner Cans?

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